This article by Harini Nagendra in the 2010 edition of the Hindu’s Survey of the Environmental draws attention to the importance of studying urban biodiversity in India


Bibek Debroy takes us through the chaos that is urban planning in India in this article.

Published in the Indian Express on the 26th of August 2010

This article talks about the increasing trend of NRIs returning to India and then finding it difficult to adjust to urban life with the poor infrastructure available to them in India.

As long as we focus on more things other than roads and housing, like footpaths, easy crossing for pedestrians, urban green cover, drainage etc. I am all for bettering infrastructure in cities.

This was a comment in the Times of India, dated 27th August 2010

Mumbai’s Lost Green Spaces On the dereservation of public land to private parties because of payment delays by the municipality and the possibility of this being a conscious decision to free public utility land for the private sector.

On NDTV.com by P.J. Wagh on the 26th of August 2010