Urban Dynamism is a blog that will follow different ideas of urbanisation and globalisation and the confluence of the two.  Thus there are a ideas that may not seem directly related to issues of urbanisation and may seem to be related to the world of economics but our reality is that everything is connected. The economics and politics of globalisation are affecting the life processes of people at a local level. Changes in laws related to Special Economic Zones are changing policies of industry and residence which spill over into the world of urbanisation. The representation of people in film and media do affect our perceptions of urbanity, housing and lifestyles. International agreements between countries can feed into their growth and urbanisation policies. These seemingly varied and disparate ideas do connect and create situations. My blog aims at following some of these connections, highlighting and connecting ots and creating a wider picture about urbanisation.  My focus is essentially India but there may be larger critiques or stories that catch my fancy and are placed here.