August 2010

This article talks about the importance of NMT (Non motorised Transport) in urban spaces


This article by Harini Nagendra in the 2010 edition of the Hindu’s Survey of the Environmental draws attention to the importance of studying urban biodiversity in India

Bibek Debroy takes us through the chaos that is urban planning in India in this article.

Published in the Indian Express on the 26th of August 2010

The new item reports on the Delhi State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (DSIIDC) attempting to set up an SEZ without the appropriate permissions.

In keeping with various overlapping ideas, disregard for urban planning authorities, creation of economic zones at the expense of other plans and SEZs.

Published in the Indian Express on the 5th of August 2009

This article talks about the increasing trend of NRIs returning to India and then finding it difficult to adjust to urban life with the poor infrastructure available to them in India.

As long as we focus on more things other than roads and housing, like footpaths, easy crossing for pedestrians, urban green cover, drainage etc. I am all for bettering infrastructure in cities.

This was a comment in the Times of India, dated 27th August 2010

This is a drawing by Hundertwasser denoting his idea of an ideal balance of living for all forms of life in urban spaces. I love the concept, though I am not sureĀ  about its feasibility. I love most of Hundartwasser’s creations. His idea is that space is for living and must be representative of the people who live there. It must have a life of its own. Thus linearity is an artificial concept that is imposed on human life through modern architecture. He talked about undulating floors and kitsch design. While I agree with this on principle, I think we should make sure that while homes and architecture should be interesting and fun, they should also be sensitive to the needs of people with different abilities. An undulating floor might be inconvenient for a visually impaired individual for instance, but I am sure that these things can be worked around once we think about them.

India And Srilanka to Strengthening Cooperation through Tourism and Urban Poverty Alleviation A press release stating that the two countries will share information on the same. What I find interesting is that the minister for Tourism and Urban Poverty Alleviation is the same man.

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